Why Soapstone?

The thermal conductivity of Soapstone, or Steatite, is unrivaled in its ability to hold heat and cold. The inherent quality of Soapstone is naturally anti-microbial which makes ZENZstones easy to clean. This stone has been used for chemistry labs, because it is chemically inert, and for wood stoves, due to it’s thermal capacity. The magnesium and zinc component of Soapstone may help to relax the body. The smooth quality of the stone feels like warm hands.

The Zenzstone massage is an easy way to positively affect the release of tendon and ligament attachments, thereby creating a more therapeutic, enjoyable massage for client, as well as therapist. The sizes and shapes of the stones have been specifically selected to offer a broad area of warmth or coolness when “pushed” on oiled skin. The rounded ends have been specifically selected for safe, easy massage, and the angled ends facilitate easier use of trigger/acupressure point  therapy, and reflexology.

By “pushing the stone” along the body, a myofacial response in the muscle/tissue can easily be achieved. This is a wonderful concept alone, as in our Zenz Roll-out, or when utilized within a massage for extra easy warmth, or coolness. Our Zenzstones and techniques will enhance any Spa session.

Our products make it easier to enjoy giving, and receiving deeply relaxing hot stone massage.

Benefits for Spas

Our stones can be heated in a conventional hot stone heater, crockpot or microwave with due caution, but in a spa setting, they can be placed in a hot cabbie along with the hot towels for easier heating, as well as clean up. Because of the longer heat or cold conductivity of Soapstone, an entire session can be achieved with many less stones. This impacts the therapist’s and spa’s revenue, as there does not need to be time scheduled for cleaning of stones between sessions. The smaller quantity of stones necessary, due to the quick heating, allows the therapist to clean the stones while she washes her hands, place them back in the hot cabbie, and they are ready for the next session in a few minutes. The therapist is with the client longer, with more hands-on time per session, for hot stone or deep tissue/sports massage sessions. This can achieve better client satisfaction, as well as easily creating a more therapeutic, or relaxing massage experience.

In addition, the stones are placed on the body if desired, after the area is massaged, to insure a relaxing, safe session. The warm/cool effect continues to radiate into the tissue, or can simply be placed in the hands for comfort and warmth.  At the end of an injury related session, cool therapy can easily be achieved, by utilizing a few stones kept in a nearby cool water bath.

We think you will enjoy the Zenz concept of an easier and more therapeutic hot/cold massage with less effort and stress.