Professional Massage Kit – 18 Piece


The Professional Kit is the best combination for Hot Stone Massage, as well as Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Physical Therapy. It is a favorite for school or spa treatment rooms.

The Kit contains 17 Massage Stones and a 4 CE Instructional Video

  • Instructional Video: teaches Hot and Cold Soapstone Massage for Sports and Deep Tissue Application, and includes certified self-testing for 4 CE credits.

  • Two Zenz Reflexology (2.5”) Stones

  • Two Small (3.5″) Zenz Stones

  • One Medium (5″) rounded Zenz Stone

  • One Medium (5″) angled Zenz stone

  • One Medium (6″) angled Zenz Deep Tissue Stone

  • One Long (7″) Zenz Stone

  • Eight Zenz Finger/ToeStones

  • One Facial disc

The included video teaches our innovative Zenz hot stone massage techniques and how to adapt them to any modality. It allows easy hands on training while earning 4 CE credits, in a school, spa, home, or office setting. It demonstrates the Zenz Back Massage protocol and explains the use and care of the stones, and why cylindrical soapstone are more effective.

Emphasis is placed upon learning the strokes and techniques, as well as learning how using heat, pressure and leverage can make the therapist’s job easier, more effective, and more enjoyable.

The generous selection of massage stones provides a ready supply of heated stones or the ability to alternate between hot and cold stone therapy. It also provides an ample number of stones for placing on the body after massage if desired.

The smaller and medium stones can be used with the face, arms, hands and feet, while the medium and long stones easily deliver the benefits of hot stone massage to the broader muscles of the back and legs.

The Reflexology Stone takes the place of your thumb for direct pressure and for Self-Care.

The Medium Angled 6” Deep Tissue Stone, a favorite from the Deep Tissue Kit, is great for the hard to treat IT Band and scapula/rhomboid region. It holds heat up to 4 times longer than conventional hot stones due its increased density and the thermal properties of soapstone.

The duplicate Small and Reflexology Stones allows you to have one stone heating while you work with the other, or to use in pairs for arm, face, hands and feet. Learn how to “save your thumbs” with Reflexology and Trigger Point/Acupressure work using heat with the patented angles for deep pressure when needed.

Our patented Toe/Finger Stones help with relaxation and proper bone alignment of the hands and feet, nurturing arthritic joints and hard working hands. They can remain in place long enough to get a warm towel or mitt on the foot or hand

The Facial Disc, warm or cool, is great for gentle placement on the forehead, to assist in relaxation.

Beautifully crafted from Virginia soapstone, ZENZ massage stones have the unrivaled ability to naturally retain heat and cold, making for the perfect, easy to use massage tool. Our ergonomic design allows both massage therapists and at-home users to reach a deeper level of relaxation with less effort and strain.