Instructional DVD, 4 CE


Zenz Massage Stones: Hot/Cold Soapstone Massage – Sports and Deep Tissue Application

The video teaches Zenz hot stone massage techniques and allows massage therapists to earn 4 CE credits. It demonstrates the Zenz Back Massage protocol and explains the use and care of the stones. Emphasis is on learning the strokes and techniques and how to use heat, pressure, and leverage to make the therapist’s job easier and more effective in all modalites of treatment. This is Part 1 (4 CE) of our 12 CE class.

Zenz Massage Stones work as an extension of a professional massage therapist’s fingers, thumbs, wrists, and shoulders, thereby minimizing stress and fatigue.

DVD or Download features:

*Soapstone advantages

*Self-Care Therapy

*Follow Along Format

*Simple Use and Care

*Hot or Cold Therapy

*Deep Tissue/Sports Application

*Spa Upgrade or Add-Ons

This video shows how the cylindrical design and patented angle promotes a relaxing, enjoyable hot stone back massage with minimal physical effort, using the therapist’s body weight and leverage to combine with the heat and gentle pressure of the stones to provide a better experience for the client as well as for the therapist.

Applied to Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, the Zenz technique allows deeper work with improved therapeutic outcomes. The ergonomic cylinders with carefully designed and sculpted ends reduce repetitive stress on thumbs, wrists, hands, back and shoulders of the therapist and makes massage and Self-Care an easy, enjoyable experience.