Facial Massage Stone


This is a great addition to any kit, and essential for estheticians and facials. Beautifully sculpted and silky smooth, our NEW Facial Stones are easy to hold, use, heat, cool and clean. The same stone can be used to alternate cold with hot stone massage, or in facial toning massage and to apply creams and emollients.

  • One Zenz Facial Stone with Organza Bag

Puffiness in the delicate eye area can be minimized with gentle upward sweeping strokes with the angle of our New Zenz Facial Stone. Using the broad side or rounded end of our Zenz Small Stone, in combination with the broad side or angled end of our New Zenz Facial Stone, provides an outstanding face and neck massage. The rounded ends are used around the softer curves of the face and neck, while the angled ends can be used in acupressure.

This sculpted facial stone feels soothing, encourages relaxation, and enhances any facial or facial massage.