Facial Massage Kit – 6 Piece


   We are excited to introduce our new line of Zenz Facial Stones and Kits. The stones selected for our Facial Kit provide the ultimate in facial massage, toning face and neck muscles while reducing inflammation. The silky smoothness of warm or cool soapstone will place your facials above the rest in effectiveness and enjoyment.

This kit contains 6 Stones

  • One Facial (3.5”) angled Stone

  • One Small (3.5″) rounded Stone

  • Four Facial Discs (1 5/8”)

    This is a great kit to enhance any Facial or Swedish Massage, or to improve any Hot Stone Massage. Beautifully sculpted and silky smooth, our Facial Stones are easy to hold, use, heat, cool and clean. The stones can be used to alternate cold with hot stone massage, in facial toning massage, and to apply creams and emollients.

    Puffiness in the delicate eye area can be minimized with gentle upward sweeping strokes using the angle of our beautify sculpted Facial Stone. The carefully designed ends can also be used for acupressure. The broad side or rounded end of our Smal­l Stone, in combination with the broad side or angled end of the Facial Stone, gives a wide swath of warmth or coolness. The rounded end is used around the softer curves of the face and neck. This sculpted facial stone feels soothing, encourages relaxation, and enhances any facial or facial massage.

    The Facial Discs can be used alone or in tandem with the larger stones for soothing relaxation, and can even be used to alternate warmth and coolness in a facial or face massage. Placed on the forehead, cheeks, and chin, they are a wonderful completion to face massage or a facial.

    Beautifully crafted Virginia soapstone, ZENZ massage stones have the unrivaled ability to naturally retain temperature, providing the perfect, easy to use hot and cold massage tool. Our ergonomic design allows both massage therapists and Self-Care users to reach a deeper level of relaxation and better therapeutic outcomes with less effort and strain.