Deep Tissue Kit – 4 Piece


   A great assortment of our larger diameter (1 5/8”) heavier duty Zenz Deep Tissue Stones. This is the best kit to add to your hot stone collection for physical therapy, the larger or more athletic client, as well as to provide some “extra muscle” for the client just wanting deep work.

   A wonderful addition to any treatment room, most used for Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Seated Chair Massage and Self-Care.

This kit contains 4 Stones

  • One Self-Care (2″) Deep Tissue Stone

  • One small (4”) Deep Tissue Stone
  • One medium (6″) Angled Deep Tissue Stone

  • One long (9″) Deep Tissue Stone

   The ergonomic cylindrical design and patented angles promote a relaxing, enjoyable hot stone massage with minimal physical effort. When applied to Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, this allows deeper work with improved therapeutic outcomes and reduced repetitive stress on thumbs, wrists, hands, back and shoulders of the therapist.

   Use your body weight and leverage, combined with the heat and gentle pressure of the stones for a better Hot Stone experience for the client as well as for the therapist.

   These larger diameter stones retain warmth longer and cold longer and enable more pressure with reduced effort. Our Lazy River Stroke, a unifying closing stroke is a simple roll-out technique, is shown in our Instructional video, and is most effectively done with the longer stones. They provide the ultimate “edge” for clothed or seated chair massage.

   Beautifully crafted Virginia soapstone, ZENZ massage stones have the unrivaled ability to naturally retain temperature, providing the perfect, easy to use hot and cold massage tool. Our ergonomic design allows both massage therapists and Self-Care users to reach a deeper level of relaxation and better therapeutic outcomes with less effort and strain.