Finger/Toe Stones Kit with Facial Disc


This kit contains 9 Stones total

  • Eight Zenz  patented Finger or Toe Stones

  • One Facial Disc

  • One small Organza storage bag

This kit is great to enhance any reflexology, manicure/pedicure, hand and foot massage, a relaxing Swedish massage or facial, as well as improve any hot stone massage. A great add-on for arthritic joints and repetitive-use symptoms in hands, as well as for tired feet, creating a more relaxing and therapeutic massage.

The patented finger/toe stones stay warm long enough to help the feet and hands feel the soothing warmth, and stay in place better than other hot stone toe stones, facilitating easier wrapping with a warm towel or mitt.

The warm or cool Facial Disc is soothing and encourages relaxation when placed on the forehead.