Lower Body: Deluxe Kit


This bundle contains 9 stones total:

The best bundle for DEEP TISSUE-SPORTS MASSAGE.    The ultimate in hot/cold stone treatment. The Zenz Rollout can be done with the longer stones for a wonderful, easy massage experience or Deep Tissue add-on. Some of the stones can be kept in cool water for Hot / Cold therapy. Allows enough stones for placing on the body after massage for continued warmth and coolness.

  • Two medium (5″) rounded Zenz stones
  • Two medium (5″) angled Zenz stones
  • Two long (7″) Zenz stones
  • One 4″ Zenz SuperStone
  • One 6″ Angled Zenz SuperStone
  • One 8.5″ Zenz SuperStone

Beautifully crafted from Virginia soapstone, ZENZ massage stones have the unrivaled ability to naturally retain heat and cold, making for the perfect, easy to use massage tool. Our ergonomic design allows both massage therapists and at-home users to reach a deeper level of relaxation with less effort and strain.