Zenz massage stones began with Jessica and her incredible story of recovery.

Why 'Zenz'?

Zen represents feeling peaceful and relaxed. Zen is harmonious balance. Zen is an ideal tranquility.  It is said that reaching for and creating as many healing, meditative and relaxing experiences as we can in our lives, enriches our lives. This brings us closer to the level of peace that we may desire. We hope our  Zenz products will help that journey of tranquility, peace, relaxation, and balance.

Zenz – the plurality of Zen zzzzz…….Zenz Massage Stones

Jessica Jones

Founder, CEO

Jessica developed the first soapstone massage tool to assist in her own healing from a serious head on collision and resulting leg and foot injury in 2004. Unable to walk, stand or even bend her leg, Jessica suffered through four surgeries and severe pain over the next few years. She found she could not help herself heal with massage, as the leg could not bend and she could not reach her leg below the knee. She designed the first Zenz stone massage tool that allowed her to effectively use hot and cold therapy on the injured area, and greatly affected her ability to heal from her injuries, walk and enjoy a more normal life.

Jessica, a 1990 graduate of the Virginia School of Massage, started her practice within the spa industry. A fascination with the healing art of therapeutic massage began with her study of Reflexology in 1978, while living in New Mexico. This fascination has brought Jessica to the development of the Zenz concept and Zenz massage stones. She is also a licensed esthetician, and has utilized this training, along with 36 years of study in the art and science of massage, to create easy Zenz massage, facial, and reflexology techniques using Zenz Massage Stones. Unable to work after the accident, she focused her time on her own healing, and found the amazing soapstone cylinders helped her so much, she knew she had to bring it into the massage world and help others with her discovery. She has developed an easy to use massage tool, as well as ways to help loved ones or oneself relax, or aid in recovery from injury. She’s a strong believer of the phrase,  ” If everyone got and gave a massage a day, the world would be at peace.”

Jessica is a member of FSMTA and the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) since 1989, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a licensed Esthetician. She is a CE Provider and Board Certified through the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Anne Campbell

Instructor and Sales Associate

Anne brings to the profession a wealth of experience, expertise, and training, along with a deep commitment to client health and lifestye improvement.

With the instructive influence of InsideOut Bodywear, dietary recommendations, and followup exercises, clients are guided to participate in their own healing process.
BS Health Education
University of Florida 1979

Florida School of Massage
LMT #3274
Massage Health Center, Owner
Gainesville, Florida  MM #35087
(352) 478-9625
Institute of Structural Energetic Therapy
Full year of Training in Advanced Theraputic Techniques
Completition date: October 2011
1156-B Whitaker Rd
Lutz, Florida
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