The thermal quality of our Zenz massage stones skillfully created from silky smooth, polished soapstone combined with easy, tried and true massage techniques is a beautiful addition to any spa menu or massage experience.  The quick reheating and heat retention of Soapstone allows for more time for massage and better client satisfaction. Less stones are needed to do a better job, therefore cleanup is minimal. Check out some great treatment ideas below!

We offer consultation, training and support for your team as well as display and retail options for your gift shop, in our Spa Packages. Call us for special product offerings just for spas!

Zenz Sports –  Deep Tissue Massage

Zenz warm/cool soapstone massage utilizes our larger diameter stones to apply warm therapy to muscles and follow with cool stones to reduce pain. This ultimate sports / deep tissue massage may help overworked muscles to recover from strenuous athletic activity or simply clients in need of deep massage. Whether you have back or shoulder pain from too many rounds of golf or soreness from tennis, skiing, or a workout, the sports / deep tissue massage is the treatment for you.  Combining a more therapeutic approach to stone massage appeals to men as well as women and is a great gift massage for your favorite backyard sports enthusiast and professional athlete.

Zenz Therapeutic Facial

Enhance your facial with the addition of our small warm and cool Zenz massage stones and facial stone discs. Experience the relaxation from utilizing the techniques of our Zenz facial, neck and shoulder massage along with your Signature Spa or favorite facial.

Zenz Reflexology

Enjoy the addition of Zenz stone massage techniques and stones for a most luxurious therapeutic foot or hand massage. Combine it with our toe stones/finger stones, and our fleece mitts for extra comfort and therapy.

Zenz Feet and Hands

Experience the ultimate in foot or hand massage with the warming touch of our patented soapstone toe stones/finger stones, the deep warm massage with Zenz stones, and our specifically designed stone-warmed fleece mitts.

Zenz Manicures and Pedicures

Try our Zenz concept including our toe/finger stones, deep warm Zenz stone massage combined with our mitts for a pre mani/pedi treat.